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#108 - Mercedes Benz OC1621 / PMC

2024 got off to a fantastic start with the culmination of 6yrs of negotiations. Previous owners of Tasmania's own Redline, Michael Larissey, donated this 1990 Mercedes Benz to the Society once it came out of contract. Unfortunately, once that had occurred, the business had been sold, however Mr Larissey had it written into the contract, that new owners Kinetic Group were to restore the vehicle and then donate it to the Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society.

So over the next few years, Kinetic Group have been meticulously restoring this Mercedes back to showroom condition, ripping out and replacing the floor, replicating the old red vinyl flooring with new vinyl, reupholstered the seats throughout the whole bus, including new headrests. Dedication from their employees extended to external as well, with the bus having the chassis repainted, the engine dropped out and repainted, external panels replaced and the complete bus repainted, along with the inside of the extremely large freight compartments, a unique feature of this bus that was retained.

The detail to authenticity is astounding, referring constantly back to old photographs, consulting with old operators from the '90s to recreate what is a showroom coach from over 30yrs ago, to highlight how coach travel was back in the 1990s, especially on Tasmania's West Coast.

And Tasmania's West Coast is where these coaches excelled. Built with a massive rear boot for freight, they were the live blood for the region, transporting food, medical supplies, car parts, passengers and all freight imaginable, 6 days a week. It was a time when if something needed to be there urgently, put it on the bus, it would be there next day (well, on the West Coast).

Over the years, as the freight industry was deregulated, and passenger services decreased, buses like this one had the luggage/freight compartment removed to increase passenger capacity. This bus was the only one in the fleet to remain untouched and is now testament of how freight and passengers travelled to our rugged West Coast in the late 20th century.

The Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society sincerely thank Michael Larissey for his kind offer initially and to Kinetic Group Tasmania for their fantastic effort to restore the bus to its pristine condition, so we can showcase it around Tasmania with other heritage buses from yesteryear.


Chassis: Mercedes Benz


Engine: OC1621


Cylinders: 6 in line (turbocharged)


Output: 210 bhp


Mounting: Mid-mount


Transmission: 6spd synchromesh


Body: Pressed Metal Corporation Adelaide 'Executive'


Capacity: 41


Features: Jet Air Conditioning

                 Hi-back seats

                 Spring Suspension


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