#200 - 1992 Scania N113CRB low-floor prototype

Bus #200 was the first low floor wheelchair accessible Scania Citybus in Australia, built as a joint venture between Scania Australia, Metro Tasmania and Ansair Bodybuilders in Kingston.


It was this prototype design that has seen further development into what is now the nationwide standard. Bus #200 also the 100th Scania acquired by Metro and was presented by the Minister of Transport at the time, Frank Madhill on 16 December 1992.


Based upon the same chassis as the other Scania’s of the era, it was lengthened by half a metre to allow for the same seating capacity with room for wheelchairs. This bus is fitted with a Voith 3 speed automatic transmission, a rear mounted 11 litre turbocharged Scania engine.


Throughout its service, it wore a range of liveries from its unique low floor livery to advertising for shopping in Hobart City.


Operating from the City depot until its closure which saw it relocated to the Springfield depot, bus #200 was retired from public service in February 2014 due to it being a unique vehicle in the fleet, falling just short of 1,000,000km over its 22 years of public service.


Bus #200's preservation was made possible thanks to Scania Australia's generous donation and a contribution from a member of the Society. 

In 2017, 25yrs after it's initial release, the Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society, through funding from the Tasmanian Community Fund, restored the bus back to it's original "as delivered" condition and displayed the vehicle at the International BIC Conference in Hobart in 2018, marking a crowning achievement for the Societ.

On display at BIC Conference 2017
On display at BIC Conference 2017

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On display at BIC Conference 2017
On display at BIC Conference 2017

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Chassis: Scania N113CRB

Engine: Scania DS11 (turbocharged)

Cylinders: 6 in line

Output: 252 bhp

Displacement: 11litre

Mounting: Transverse, at rear

Transmission: Voith 3 spd automatic




Built by Ansair, Kingston

Type: VOV2 “Euro”


Capacity: 36 seated passengers, 21