#41 - 1990 Scania K93CR

This preservation of this coach would not have been possible without the generosity of Peter Seabourne,owner Seabourne Coaches. Bought new by Hazell Bros in 1990, the coach operated the Hobart Coaches' Channel and Blackmans Bay routes.


Unique to this vehicle, was it's newly introduced Scania computer assisted gears (CAG) gearbox. By depressing the clutch, the gears change 'automatically' without a gear lever. This is the predecessor to the iSelect, that Scania use in their luxury coaches nowadays.


In 1999, HC41 transferred to Metro with the buyout of Hobart Coach services where it saw service for another 8yrs before it's sale to Seabourne Coaches where it operated as charter coach. In 2016, owner Peter Seabourne kindly donated the coach to a TBCS member for preservation. In recent times, circumstances changed with the Society acquiring premises, so the TBCS member kindly donated the coach to the Society to enable restoration.

Through the Society sponsors, the coach is slowly being restored back to the original Hobart Coaches livery, as delivered, however the Society recognise the generous contribution from Peter Seabourne, for his original donation of the vehicle.


Chassis: Scania K93CR

Engine: Scania DS9 (turbocharged)

Cylinders: 6 in line

Output: 250 bhp

Displacement: 8.5 litre

Mounting: Transverse, at rear

Transmission: Scania 5 spd CAG*

                   *computer assisted gears



Built by Northcoast Bus & Coach QLD

Features: Semi coach seating, computer assisted gears, JetAir conditioning


Capacity: 55 seated passengers