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#13 - 1987 Mercedes Benz OH1316

Bus #13 was originally built for Metro Tasmania to replace the ageing Hino BT51 buses operating in Launceston and Burnie. Originally numbered #360 for Metro, the bus operated mainly in Burnie with a short stint in Launceston before being sold as a school bus to Crawn Motors in Ridgley. 


Built at Ansair Kingston in 1987, the built was built on the European VOVI style, similar to the first batch of Scania N113 buses currently being built at Ansair Kingston at the time.

There were 28 Mercedes Benz OH1316 buses built for Metro and this is the only one kept for preservation.

Although fitted with an underpowered 160hp Mercedes Benz OM366 engine, the buses themselves are bullet proof, hence why they were popular with school bus operators when Metro decided to sell them. For a small engine, they are very economical and are fitted with a 5spd Mercedes Benz synchromesh manual gearbox....


Bus #13's preservation was made possible through a generous donation from Andrew & Royce Crawn (Crawn Motors) The bus will remain in Crawn's livery, representing another long-time Tasmanian operator. 


Chassis: Mercedes Benz OH1316

Engine: Mercedes Benz OM366 (turbocharged)

Cylinders: 6 in line

Output: 160 bhp

Displacement: 9 litre

Mounting: Inline, at rear

Transmission: MB 5 spd manual




Built by Ansair, Kingston

Type: VOV1 “Euro”


Capacity: 49 seated passengers, 21


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