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#200 - 1992 Scania N113CRB low-floor prototype

Bus #200 was the Society's first attempt at restoration. The bus is the only vehicle in our collection which we have purchased (others all donated). The purchase made possible, through the generosity of Scania Bus Australia and a Society member.

After acquisition, the yellow front (applied to all Metro buses) was taken back to white with the yellow header remaining. From there, the Society embarked on applying for a community grant to return the bus back to it's original "as delivered" special low-floor livery.

The Tasmanian Community Fund contributed $7,500 to have the bus repainted and original special signwriting replicated, with all work taken from photographs, as original artwork was destroyed.


Havnadip Bus Repairs performed the respray in their state-of-the-art facilities, before the bus was handed back to the Society to apply the signwriting themselves (to keep costs down) after the signs were replicated by Signrite (original signwriters).

Considering Society members had never applied stickers this size before, it was initially hit & miss, with some signs remade (adding to the overall cost) A small group of members (more passionate with 200) were selected to carry out this time-consuming application with the overseeing done by their OCD obsessive Secretary. His eye for detail picked up minor flaws which were rectified early before additional costs were required.


The detail the small group put in to replicating the original signage was impeccable, and goes to show the level of dedication each and every one had in making this bus perfect. This perfection was reflected at the "relaunch" 25yrs after the original launch in 1992, as those attending made comment "it looks like it just came off the assembly floor" 

More recognition came later in the year with the bus showcased at the local TasBus Conference then "guest appearance" at the international BIC Conference (the national bus industry conference) where it was showcased "pride-of-place" at the official sponsored Scania Bus dinner, where the Society's achievements were recognised by Scania Global head of Bus & Coach, Karin Radstrom, Scania Australia Managing Director Mikael Jansson & Global head of Products for Bus & Coach, Karolina Wennerblom.


This kind of recognition was extremely heartwarming considering the passion and commitment members strived to achieve, in restoring this unique and important piece of Tasmanian (& Australian) bus history.


Chassis: Scania N113CRB

Engine: Scania DS11 (turbo-charged)

Cylinders: 6 in line

Output: 253 bhp 188 kW

Displacement: 11litre

Mounting: Transverse, at rear

Transmission: Voith DIWA 863 4spd automatic



Body: Built by Ansair Tullmarine

           and reassembled by Ansair, Kingston

Type: VoVII “Euro” low-floor prototype

Capacity:  36 seated passengers 

                  21 standing.

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