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#134 - 1989 Scania N113CRB

The MTT decided in 1987 to acquire Scania N112R City buses to replace ageing buses in its fleet. A contract was awarded to Ansair to build the bodies of the “VoV1” style at a new facility near Kingston, and the class leader #101 rolled out into service in June 1987.


These new buses had automatic transmission, a rear mounted engine, and “kneeling” front suspension. Seating was for 42 passengers and included padded seat back bars. A driver controlled but passenger activated centre door allowed exit, and passengers could signal their stop by a signal cord or press buttons.


For the driver the bus featured height and angle adjustable steering, and height and ride adjustable seats.


In 1988 the N112 range was superseded by the N113 range, and a mix of N112 and N113 buses entered service. By the end of 1989, 40 buses of these types had entered service in Hobart and Launceston.


134 entered service in August 1989 and served out of the Springfield Depot until its retirement in late 2008. It saw service all over Hobart. In 2010, with the remainder of this class of bus rapidly being withdrawn from active service, the newly formed Tasmanian Bus and Coach Society was able to acquire the bus for preservation, which was kindly donated by Metro Tasmania.


Chassis: Scania N113CRB

Engine: Scania DS11 (naturally aspirated)

Cylinders: 6 in line

Output: 203 bhp

Displacement: 11litre

Mounting: Transverse, at rear

Transmission: Scania 4 spd automatic



Body: Built by Ansair, Kingston

Type: VoV1 “Euro”

Capacity: 42 seated passengers, 21


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