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#12 - 1986 Mercedes Benz OH1316

One of the Society's more recent additions, is this 1986 Mercedes Benz OH1316. Bought new by Don Hazell for his Hobart Coaches operation, to moderize the operation after acquisition of Ayers Motor Service, the bus served it's early life operating the Kingston, Blackmans Bay, Channel, Huon and New Norfolk services, albeit underpowered particularly for Hobart's Southern Outlet.

It served Hobart Coaches well, but was replaced in 1996 by the more powerful Scania 9 series buses/coaches. The bus was however ideal for school operations and was onsold to Alan Wesley in Hagley where it saw addition service until  2001.

From there, #12 was sold to it's last owner Jan & Grant Bingley whom owned Westbus, another school operator in the neighbouring Westbury area. #12 was a favourite of Grant, operating for many years on school & charter work and with his association with members of the TBCS agreed to display the bus at numerous Truck Shows including the 2017 Tasmanian Truck Show, where #12 drove away with "Best Mercedes" for that year.

From thereon, #12 was affectionately known as "the award winning Mercedes Benz" a tag owners Jan & Grant Bingley grasped and the TBCS were happy to bestow on the vehicle every time it was photographed.

In 2020 Jan & Grant decided #12 should have new lease on life after being their spare bus at Westbury for a couple of years. #12 was generously offered for preservation which the Society were proud to accept, allowing another piece of Tasmania's rich public transport to be saved and displayed for future generations.

The Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society are extremely proud and honored to be selected to preserve another Tasmanian company's history and thank Jan & Grant Bingley for their generous donation and trust in us to preserve their history.


Chassis: Mercedes Benz OH1316

Engine: Mercedes Benz OM366 (turbocharged)

Cylinders: 6 in line

Output: 160 bhp

Displacement: 9 litre

Mounting: Inline, at rear

Transmission: MB 5 spd manual




Built by Ansair, VIC

Type: VOV1 “Euro”


Capacity: 49 seated passengers, 21


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