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#706 - 1985 Volvo B10ML

Bus #706 was the 6th articulated vehicle purchased by the Metropolitan Transport Trust and the 3rd in a batch of 19 funded by the Australian Government's Bicentennial Bus Acquisition Project. 


Built by Pressed Metal Corporation in South Australia, it shares a very similar style to the Adelaide Volvo units of the time. They quickly became popular with drivers after the daunting size was overcome, with excellent heating for the driver. 


The articulated buses were purchased because of increased loading particularly after the take-over of a private operator in Hobart's northern suburbs. Used extensively across the network, in their later years they were primarily used for the morning and afternoon peak and overloaded school runs.


706 operated from the all the Hobart depots, before being allocated as a satellite vehicle at Lauderdale. With the end of dedicated satellite yard vehicles, it returned to the main depot at Springfield, again being used primarily in the AM / PM peaks.

Bus #706 was retired from public service in July 2016 (due to DDA compliance requirements) with the arrival of second-hand MAN artics from Skybus replacing it. Having served for 31 years, (when retired) was the oldest Government bus in service in Australia and had travelled over 1,500,000km. This feat was only eclipsed 12mths later when another B10M artic beat its service record by a few months.

The Society envisage returning the bus back to its original "delivered" rolled gold / white livery and extend their thanks to Metro Tasmania for their donation of #706 for future generations to enjoy and the ongoing support from Volvo Bus Australia.. 


Chassis: Volvo B10ML

Engine: Volvo THD100

Cylinders: Flat 6 in line

Output: 245 hp

Displacement: 9.6 litre

Mounting: Mid mount, underfloor 

Transmission: ZF 5 speed automatic



Body: Built by PMC Adelaide


Capacity: 70 seated passengers, 34


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