#32 - 1978 Volvo B58

The preservation of this coach could not have been possible, without the generous donation of “Tassie Bluebird” to the Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society from the Wells family (Wells Waggons).


The coach started it’s life new in 1978, with Tommy Smith (Smiths Coaches – South Riana TAS). Operating extended tours and school groups across the state, the coach later passed into the hands of Lawrence Medwin (Medwins Coaches – Smithton TAS).  


Under Medwin’s ownership, the coach continued doing extended tours and school charters around Tasmania, being refurbished with an interior transplant, into the crushed blue velour we see today.  In 2003, Neville & Sadie Wells (Wells Waggons – Smithton TAS) expanded their operations, buying Medwin’s business which included “Tassie Bluebird”, with the Bluebird continuing it’s working life locally on the NW Coast.


Although now 25yrs old, Tassie Bluebird was still used extensively on school charters for many more years, before finally being semi-retired a few years ago primarily because of it’s age.


Fortunately, the Wells family didn’t want the Volvo going to scrap (or worse, motorhome). It was decided to donate the vehicle to the Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society for preservation for the enjoyment of future generations. It’s quite remarkable, a coach almost 40yrs old, has spent it’s entire working life in Tasmania with some of the biggest and longest serving operators on Tasmania’s NW Coast and is fitting it will remain preserved in Tasmania.

The Society are honored to be entrusted to preserve another piece of Tasmanian family transport history, a history also recognised by the industry, with Sadie & Neville Wells inducted into the National Transport Hall of Fame in 2019.

New with Smiths Coach Tours c1978
New with Smiths Coach Tours c1978

New with Smiths Coach Tours c1978
New with Smiths Coach Tours c1978


Chassis: Volvo B58

Engine: Volvo THD100

Cylinders: Flat 6 in line

Output: 245 hp

Displacement: 9.6 litre

Mounting: Mid mount, underfloor 

Transmission: Wilson 5 speed semi automatic, Eaton 2 speed differential.

Body: Built by PMC Adelaide

Capacity: 45 seated passengers.